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Owning a racing greyhound is a very exciting hobby but the cost of buying your own greyhound and then funding the kennel bills, veterinary costs and homing fees can become very expensive. However, being involved in a syndicate is not just about sharing costs…it is also about sharing the joy of winning. That's why The Champagne Club was formed 25 years ago and it has now grown to become one of the most successful syndicates in this great sport winning events like the The Yarmouth Derby with BUBBLY PHOENIX, The Wimbledon Leger with BUBBLY TOTTI and the Wimbledon Puppy Derby with BUBBLY BEAUTY.

Bubblies Phoenix,Beauty and Totti Bubbly Beauty

If you want to be informed of any new BUBBLIES please text Steve on 07885 328669
or email steve@thechampagneclub.com with any questions.


THE CHAMPAGNE CLUB is offering shares in a March 2014 bitch pup by Bubbly Phoenix (Yarmouth Derby winner) out of Millwards Rose (Well-Bred Brood bitch out of Farloe Oyster). She is the first ever pup out of Bubbly Phoenix and she is mostly white with dark black eyes. She has been named BUBBLY ROSE.

The Champagne Club - Bubbly Royal

BUBBLY ROSE will be reared, schooled and trained by Paul Young out of his Essex kennels. She was given to us by Mitch Millward, who owns Millwards Rose, as a thank you for using Phoenix as the stud dog. The costs of the whelping, rearing, schooling and for all her training fees including registration, vets, travel and ultimately her homing are estimated at £14,000 for her entire career. Therefore the cost of a share in BUBBLY ROSE will be a one off payment of £140 and there will be a maximum of 100 shares.

You will have nothing else to pay for the duration of BUBBLY ROSE's career but when she retires you will receive your share of her career prize money. You will be kept fully informed of her racing plan by text and you will receive an ownership share certificate. You can also visit her at Paul Young's Wickford based kennels whilst she is growing up and of course join us at the various track’s to watch her race once she has qualified.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be involved with such a lovely pup.

There are three ways to buy a share in BUBBLY ROSE

1) ONLINE - CLICK HERE to pay using a credit card, debit card or by Paypal.

2) BANK TRANSFER - Pay £140 directly into The Champagne Club Lloyds bank account. Sort code 30:97:24 - Account number 01142175. Please add your surname as a reference.

(3) BY CHEQUE - You can send a cheque for £140 made payable to 'The Champagne Club' to Bramleys, Little Warley Hall Lane, Brentwood, Essex CM13 3EU.

Whichever way you decide to buy your share please make sure you provide me with your name and mobile number so that I can add you to the text updates.

BUBBLY STORM - Westmead Hawk out of Silent Show – Whelped in May 2012

STORM was a stunning dog who was destined to be a star on the marathon scene. His race at Monmore on June 16th 2014 when he came from miles off the pace to win was breath-taking and everyone was devastated when he broke his leg in multiple places in a trial at Sunderland on June 23rd 2014.
RIP – we know how good you would have been!

Bubbly Storm
Bubbly Gold

Hondo Black out of Spioraid Cath
Whelped in May 2012

GOLD is looking like he could be a real superstar! He reached the final of the Limerick Memorial before coming over to England for a tilt at The Derby.

He will be contesting all the big competitions during 2014 and 2015. Watch this space!

Droopys Scolari out of Droopys Diva
Whelped in December 2011

Career Highlight (so far) – CHARLIE won the final of the 2013 Puppy Cup at Sunderland.

He suffered a bad shoulder injury but is now on the mend and will be racing again soon.

Bubbly Maestro

Droopys Shearer out of Droopys Jolie
Whelped in December 2005

Career Highlight - MAESTRO reached the semi-finals of the 2009 Greyhound Derby at Wimbledon.

He is pictured happily enjoying his retirement at the home of Club member Glenys Cartmell.

Tubbertelly Dubh out of Toms Delight
Whelped in April 2012

PHANTOM has been a bit injury prone since coming over from Ireland in January 2014.

Make no mistake this dog is very fast and it will not be long before he makes his mark.

Bubbly Phantom

Burnpark Champ out of Ballymac Penske
Whelped in September 2010

ROSSIE never really lived up to the expectations that were set by his litter brother Ballymac Eske but he gave us a lot of fun and 11 wins during his 63 race career. He retired in May 2014 after injuring his Gracillus.

Bubbly Rossie is looking for a nice retirement home.

Bubbly Rossie

Rumble Impact out of Millwards Thebes
Whelped in January 2010

Career Highlight – IMPACT won 12 graded races at Romford during his career.

He is pictured enjoying his retirement with Club Member Matt McKinley.

Bubbly Impact
Bubbly Jaytee

Wheres Pedro out of Mecury Queen
Whelped in March 2010

Career Highlight – JAYTEE reached the final of the 2014 Springbok at Wimbledon.

He is pictured happily enjoying his retirement at the home of Club member Joan Walker.

College Causeway out of Droopys Top Gal
Whelped in April 2010

Career Highlight – PHOENIX won the final of the 2012 East Anglian Derby at Yarmouth.

He is currently standing at the Merefield Stud.

Bubbly Phoenix
Bubbly Sally

Token Prince out of Flashy Sal
Whelped in March 2006

Career Highlight - SALLY won the final of the Coral Marathon in July 2010.

She is pictured happily enjoying her retirement at the home of Club member Marjorie Whitear.

Pacific Mile out of Minnies Sparkler
Whelped in January 2008

Career Highlight – BLUES won seven Marathons at Romford over 750m in 2011.

She has now had two litters of pups in Ireland. One pup is called BUBBLY DAZZLER.

Bubbly Blues


If you want to be informed of any new BUBBLIES please text Steve on 07885 328669
or email steve@thechampagneclub.com with any questions.

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