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Owning a racing greyhound is a very exciting hobby but the cost of buying your own greyhound and then funding the kennel bills, veterinary costs and homing fees can become very expensive. However, being involved in a syndicate is not just about sharing costs…it is also about sharing the joy of winning. That's why The Champagne Club was formed over 30 years ago and it has now grown to become one of the most successful syndicates in this great sport winning many big competitions like the The Yarmouth Derby with BUBBLY PHOENIX, The Wimbledon Leger with BUBBLY TOTTI, the Wimbledon Puppy Derby with BUBBLY BEAUTY, the Sunderland Gold Cup with BUBBLY GOLD & the Kent Derby with BUBBLY BLUEBIRD.


Bubbly Torpedo Wins at Romford on The Champagne Club's 30th Anniversary in June 2016 Bubbllies Gold, Zeus and Prince Bubblies Phoenix,Beauty and Totti Bubbly Beauty Bubbly Bluebird wins The Sussex Puppy Cup at Hove Bubbly Bluebird Wins Essex Vase Dec 2016 Bubbly Bluebird BUBBLY BLUEBIRD receives the 'Newcomer of the Year' award at the 2017 GBGB Awards Dinner Bubbly Turbo and Tempest
Please text Steve on 07885 328669
if you would like to be informed when we syndicate our next Bubbly.


How is the share price for each Bubbly greyhound calculated?

We add the purchase price of the greyhound (for example Bubbly Bluebird cost £20,000) to his career training costs (estimated at £15,000). We then divide the total (£35,000) by 100 shares which would mean the cost per share is £350.

Are there any monthly costs or charges for vets, homing etc?

No, your share price is an all-inclusive one off cost. There is nothing else to pay…ever! Unlike other greyhounds syndicates The Champagne Club is run for fun, not profit (apart from a few gambles).

Do I get any prize money?

Yes, you will receive 1% of the prize money once the greyhound has retired.

What happens once the greyhound has finished racing?

All of our greyhounds are safely homed once they finish racing, often taken home by our members.

What do I get once I have bought a share?

You will receive a personalised share certificate with a photo and you will get a text every time he or she races.

Can I walk my greyhound?

Yes, every Sunday at Paul Young’s kennels plus you will be on the podium and receive trophies at the track when they win.

Why should I buy a share in a BUBBLY Greyhound?

Because it is just the same as owning your own greyhound but at a fraction of the cost. You can own a share in 100 BUBBLY’s for the same cost as owning one dog on your own.

How do I purchase a share in a Bubbly greyhound?

All you need to do is text STEVE FLUIN on 07885 328669 to reserve a share in your chosen greyhound and then pay associated share cost into The Champagne Club bank account number: 01142175, sort code: 30:97:24. Please put your SURNAME and the BUBBLY GREYHOUND NAME as the payment reference.

(All Shares given free to Bubbly Sinbad shareholders following his injury)
Whelped November 2017 Black Dog By Ballymac Eske out of Catunda Nebraska

CLICK HERE to see video. BUBBLY NEBRASKA is the one without the white tip on his tail

(Shares Suspended)
Whelped April 2016 Black Dog By Tyrur Big Mike out of Yahoo Perlena

Bubbly Joe

Please welcome BUBBLY JOE to The Champagne Club!

He was previously known as Coolavanny Boy and although he is just over two years old he has already won 6 open races at Hove, Notts, Monmore & Romford. His optimum trip is between 400m and 480m and he did a nice 27:32 trial at Sunderland in preparation for the upcoming Classic. He will then be aimed for the Yarmouth, Kent and Henlow Derby’s later this year.

I have purchased a 50% share in him for £10,000. The other 50% will remain with his existing owner, Jim Cooper. He has been named BUBBLY JOE after Jim’s son. Paul Young currently trains him and he will continue to do so.

A share in BUBBLY JOE will cost a one off all inclusive payment of £150 (£100 to cover his purchase and £50 to cover his career training costs). As always there will be a maximum of 100 shares and i will email shareholders a share certificate with his photo and text them whenever he races. Once he retires shareholders will receive their percentage of his prize money.

Please text me on 07885 328669 to reserve a share and then transfer £150 to The Champagne Club Bank Account Number 01142175, Sort Code 30:97:24 with your SURNAME/JOE as the reference. Alternatively you can send a cheque made payable to The Champagne Club to Bramleys Orchard, Little Warley Hall Lane, Brentwood, Essex CM13 3EU.

I am confident that he will give us a lot of fun and success over the next two years!

Bubbly Sultan

(All Shares Sold)
November 2017
Black & White Dog by Tyrur Big Mike
out of Droopys Achieve

(All Shares Sold)
July 2017 Black Dog
By Newinn Yolo out
of Clounamon Queen

CLICK HERE to see video of Bubbly Yolo. He is the one with the white tip on his tail

Bubbly Diamond
Bubbly Firebird

(All Shares Sold)
June 2015
Black Bitch by Paradise Madison
out of Tullovin Free

Bubbly Majestic

(All Shares Sold)
September 2016
Brindle Dog By Aero Majestic
out of Aero Babooshka
Bubbly Majestic

Bubbly Roger

(All Shares Sold)
June 2016
Brindle Dog By Droopys Sydney
out of Droopys Safina
Bubbly Roger

Bubbly Big Eddie

(All Shares Sold)
October 2015
Black Dog By Sparta Maestro
out of Melodys Diamond
Bubbly Big Eddie

Bubbly McCoy

(All Shares Sold)
June 2015
Black Dog by Droops Cain
out of Millroad Mac
Bubbly McCoy
Bubbly Bonnie

(All Shares Given For Free
To Shareholders of

May 2015
Black Bitch By Kinloch Brae
out of Horgans Lady
Bubbly Bonnie
Bubbly Melody

(All Shares Given For Free
To Shareholders of

October 2015
Brindle Bitch By Ballymac Esk
out of Martella
Bubbly Melody
Bubbly Sinbad

(All Shares Sold)
Black & White Dog whelped in January 2016 By Tyrur Sugar Ray out of Pippy
Bubbly Sinbad
Bubbky Express

(All Shares Sold)
January 2015
Black Dog by Kinloch Brae
out of Truly A Lady
Bubbly Express
Bubbky Tempest

(All Shares Sold)
November 2014
Black Bitch by Kinloch Brae
out of Cover Up
Bubbly Tempest
Bubbly Panther

(All Shares Sold)
November 2015
Black Dog By Head Bound
out of Full Of Beans
Bubbly Panther
Bubbly Panther

(All Shares Sold)
August 2015
Brindle Dog By Zero Ten
out of Doodle Do

(All Shares Sold)
December 2015
Black/White Dog By Premier Fantasy
out of Bubbly Capel
Bubbly Diamond
Bubbly Swift

(All Shares Sold)
July 2016
Black Bitch By Blackstone Gene
out of Bubbly Swallow
Bubbly Swift
Bubbky Comet

(All Shares Sold)
September 2015
Brindle Dog by Bubbly Rocket
out of Das Windhund
Bubbly Comet
Bubbky Bluebird

(All Shares Sold)
September 2014
Blue Dog by Droopys Sydney
out of Broadstrand Xola
Bubbly Bluebird
Bubbly Turbo

(All Shares sold)
July 2014
Black Dog by Razldazl Jayfkay
out of Rattle The Can

Bubbly Turbo
Bubbly Eske

(All Shares sold)
August 2015
Fawn Dog by Ballymac Eske
out of Aero Leanne

Bubbly Eske
Bubbly Pearl

(All Shares Sold)
March 2016
Black Bitch by Farley Turbo
out of Silverview Pinky

(All Shares Sold)
March 2016
Black Dog by Paradise Madison
out of Lemon Fabia

Bubbly Madison

If you want to be informed of any new BUBBLIES please text Steve on 07885 328669
or email steve@thechampagneclub.com with any questions.

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